viernes, 1 de septiembre de 2017

Final days

In l/l writing we had to write a story that ends with " that was the last time they ever saw them", here is mine:

It was August 1st 2078,  in C.A.B.A. The sun was dying. The temperature went down day by day and the ice advanced covering the whole planet. A group of teenagers discovered a rock that produced heat, and a very special place to preserve it, the sanctuary. Edward E and Rogelio R had to hunt rats, because of the weather, they multiplicate. Rogelio R is bitten by one he thought it was his end. When he woke up, he was in a hospital, Edward E could save him. Many days passed, every day temperature degrades, there wasn't enough time,they had to organise who and when the 6 members would enter the refuge. Edward E and Rogelio R had to go to the city to buy something, and Silvia S and Susana S would order the refuge. Edward E and Rogelio R were captured by a politician, Abelardo A. Susana S and Silvia S needed help, so they meet the Yalawohe. They found them, Rogelio R died because of the weather. Edward E was so angry that shots Abelardo A, he stayed outside the sanctuary with Rogelio R's body. Now no one wanted to enter the sanctuary, all of them stayed with Rogeoio R. The Yalawohe entered instead of them. That was the last time they ever saw them.

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