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A report on Pucara changing room's improvements

Your local club is thinking about remodelling its facilities. You think new changing-rooms are needed. You are requested to write a report to the Organisation committee, with your suggestions

Pucara, improvement suggestions

Pucara is a Club located in Burzaco, Buenos Aires. This club was founded in 1943, it is a 74 year-old club. This report will deal with the improvement of Pucara facilities.

Pucara offers many facilities, mainly for members, security, restaurant, and a pool. Also there are many facilities for rugby players, rugby fields, changing rooms and a gym for the ones who want to train more. The rest of the facilities are for hockey players, such as hockey fields, changing rooms, and a place to buy hockey clothes.

Changing rooms:
The changing-rooms are not well distributed. First division has a different one, it is very clean and has good lighting. The other divisions use another one, this, is the other way around. Hockey’s changing room, is new, so I suppose that it is tidy and very comfortable.

It is suggested, that the changing rooms, of all the divisions are as tidy as the 1st division. Also it is recommended to put new lights, and contract a new, and good cleaning staff.

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