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Drama story

In Drama we had to create a story based on pictures, here is mine
Theme: Racism
During the Apartheid, South Africa, There was a very poor black family. The boy of this family use to do kickboxing, this sport was a high economic level’s sport, so the black family could not afford it. This boy called Ahmed was really keen on this,so his family did the best to pay it.
The problem was not that he was bad,he was one of the best or the best, he was highly discriminated, because he was black. His coach saw that sadness in Ahmed, so he created a special group for black people so they were not discriminated. The main coach saw his potential, and he go with Ahmed to the Olympic games preliminaries. Days And Battles passed, he lost, he won, but the last battle will decide if he go or not. The faith confront two enemies, Ahmed and the white leader, Paul. The first to win 5 rounds will win.
This match lasted for 4 hours, both wrestlers were there, tired, they each won 4 rounds. The final round start, hit,hit,hit and hit, Ahmed felt, he got up a continue fighting. The battle finished, celebrations here and there, a great step for South Africa, specially for black people, Ahmed won. A great celebration and shouts were listened in Ahmed’s village, his parents with 94 years could saw their son in the top battles, a pride for their great effort.
This photos are different in not many aspects because they all tried to show the same thing (Racism) but in different ways such as in places that had to be separated or some things that had to be different in which white insult blacks but the thing that they equal and the only difference is the picture

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